Saturday, September 4, 2010

On Sunsets

TC's knees felt good enough to ride to Fisher Point last night. It was a nice ride, and we saw a huge herd of elk crossing the trail on the way there. I also did a bit of wandering up a drainage run to see where it went. (I thought it looked like a trail, and I've always been curious about where it went.)
I see you!

As the sun set, and lit up the sky, we sort of got on a bit of a discussion, about how it's very rare that anyone ever sits down and just watches a sunset. A sunset is no longer a show to be enjoyed as it happens, it seems, but now it must be captured, stored, and shared on blogs and facetube. That said, I fully include myself in that statement:

Because she took a similar one of me... we really are twins.

I love sunsets, and sunrises. And for me, taking pictures of them is a part of enjoying them, because I can share it with people who may not have the opportunity to see the show in the sky, even if my pictures don't do it justice. Nevermind the fact that with pictures, I can look at a sunset anytime. Some people may say that that lessens the feeling of awe when watching a real sunset, but I don't agree. I find myself more captured by the real thing, after looking at pictures of sunsets.

All that said, after the last picture, I put the camera away, and we watched as the sun sank lower and lit up the hanging wisps from the clouds with fiery reds and oranges, making the entire sky glow before fading to purple, and eventually gray as the last rays faded.

I'll admit, it was hard to keep from taking a picture of it.

Mileage: 21.3 yesterday.

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