Friday, February 26, 2010

My pannier is like your car's center console.

I have one pannier (a bag that attaches to the side of a bicycle cargo rack, for those who aren't as into bike lingo) that stays with whichever bike I'm riding that has a rack, this being limited to Bi and Henry, for now. So, if I'm on either of those two bikes, I've got at least this pannier.(sometimes more, depending on what I'm up to, what time of year it is, and the alignment of the planets.) It's where I toss my wallet, my glasses/sunglasses, camera, phone, the deck of playing cards, and whatever else I happen to be carrying.

Much like a car's center console.

It's also nice in the fact that if I have something I'd prefer to keep flat, I can toss it down the pocket where the stiffening board is. I put a lot of stuff down that pocket. Some of which I forget about. Like two paycheck stubs. A Christmas card. Three empty envelopes. A Windows XP install CD.

Yeah, I just cleaned out my pannier, and had the strong impression I was cleaning out a car's center console. Minus that nasty goo that builds up from sloshing sodas in cup holders, I didn't have that. Nor did I find any loose change, either. Darn.

Mileage: ~3 so far.


Exegete said...

Any Raisinettes?

Polar bear said...

No, but I did find the last few grains of rice from when the box of leftover Thai exploded in there.