Friday, February 5, 2010

Cold Windy Rides

Overall, my goal for the day was to see if Lake Mary would be a viable destination for a ride in the wintertime, since the road out now has nice wide shoulders. There were a number of secondary goals as well, such as to put in a decent long-ish ride, really try out the H-bars on Henry, and just have fun.

I managed to accomplish all three. Four. Who's counting?

I left a little later than I had planned, which gave the sun a little more time to warm the air up. (by a whole one degree!) It didn't matter much, as it was a breezy 40 degree ride with sporadic sun and clouds. The weather report called for a chance of rain and snow, so I figured I was safe for the ride. The shoulders on the road were cleared nearly to the edges of the road for the most part along the entire distance I rode, which made me a happy rider.

Lower Lake Mary picnic area. It looks to still be a few feet deep there.

At the dam between lower and upper Lake Mary. Henry illustrates the depth of the plow berm.

This little guy crossed the road in front of me, hopped on the snowbank, and started digging. I think he was looking for lunch. He didn't even realize I was there.

So, I made it to the far end of the lake, and realized I couldn't see the peaks. Woops, this might get interesting.

It certainly did get interesting. It started sprinkling rain around the lower dam, with about 7 miles to go to get home. By the time I was 2 miles away, it had graduated to really wet snow, and fairly thick at that. I was pretty well soaked by the time I got home, grimy from road spray, and pretty well chilled. But miserable I was not. Lake Mary is now on the short list of wintery rides, and I had fun.

But I definitely need to stop putting off getting fenders for Henry.

Mileage: 31.6

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