Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry new year!

Sometime around the end of 2008 (I believe the last day of December, which coincides for some reason with the end of a year) I decided to post my mileage totals for my bikes. This year shall be no exception, as it is my first year with a complete record of the miles I've pedaled. Though, instead of posting them in a "Lookit how far I rode!" mentality, now I'm posting them mainly for the sake of record keeping. Though, the fact that I'm posting them online does say "Lookit how far I rode!" I just can't win. >.<


Bi:.................1,414.2 miles
The B-52:.......555 - retired to build Tri.

Total: 3259.8 miles.

I think it was a pretty good year. I've learned a -lot- more about building/maintaining my bikes, and have really immersed myself into cycling in general. My posts over the past year can explain everything I've done better than I can sum up. I don't have any new years resolutions, but I do have goals for myself and my bike riding.

1: Ride a full century. This mainly is just a round about way of saying I want to build up my endurance further.
2: Do a short weekend camping tour. Pack my tent, sleeping bag, and foodstuffs on Henry, ride somewhere far-ish away, camp for a night or two, and ride home. I wanted to do this in '09, but I wasn't ready, or set on it.
3: Enter in a mountain bike race. Preferably the Crazy 88, but we'll see. This one is highly uncertain, but we'll see.

As for now... I am ashamed to say I have not ridden a single mile since last year. I got knocked out with a bad cold, and with how cold it's been, I've been content to stay inside and recuperate. Seems to be working well.. but I'll be back on two wheels tomorrow for the commute to work, with zeroed odometers all around.

Mileage: Many many inside my head.

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