Friday, January 8, 2010

Chasing That Sunset

I have to say, as much as it stinks working 10.5 hour days at work, (6am to 4:30pm, bleahh.) It does put my rides to and from work in two of the best times of day, depending on what time of year it is. In summer, I'm riding to work at sunrise. In winter, if I take a long-ish ride home, I see the sun set. In short, I get to see colors.

It's been a few weeks since I've done more than riding the bare minimum to get to and from work. Last week I rode less than usual, due to sickness of nose drainy death, and snow. So yesterday after work, I wrapped my camera's strap around my wrist and took off to Lake Mary, snapping pictures as I rode:

Lower Lake Mary dam. If there's any water down there, it's under a few feet of snow.
When you see it...

It was at this point that I figured the sun had gone down, and I should probably turn around and head home. So I did. When I passed the dam and was near the little general store, I caught the sun shining on the top of Anderson Mesa in my mirror:

More than that, the sky was starting to light up. I figured I had a couple minutes to race ahead to a spot down the hill where the sunset wasn't as blocked by the trees. So I started spinning, and watching the sky light up as I rode down the hill, thinking "I'm gonna miss it! I'm gonna miss it!"

But I caught it. And not even 30 seconds after I took this picture, the colors faded, the sky turned gray, and I rode happily home.

Mileage: None for today... yet.

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