Thursday, May 21, 2009

Soldier's Trail Loop

Last Friday, TC and I rode the Soldier's Trail Loop out at Fort Tuthill. It's a nice 5 mile loop of roller coastery singletrack, with some pretty good climbs and some light technical sections, and some very pretty views. Today, I went back out there to ride the bridge trail, a tehnical short trail that bisects the main loop. It'sbeen damp with some spring rain showers, so the trails weren't dusty at all, but weren't muddy either. I can't believe I've never ridden those trails before now. Between the spring rains and the views in general, it's a very pretty ride, and that area is my new favorite trail.

Ominous clouds made for a cool and humid ride.

A view down the Bridge Trail

Oak trees off the side of the trail.

Wait... this can't be the bridge this trail was named after... There must be a bigger bridge later on. (It was. There wasn't. What a jyp.)

A happy little stand of oak trees along side the trail.

Someone kindly built a nice little stone bench at the top of the trail for people to rest on.

Bench had a really pretty view too.

Henry, rocking a front rack now.

Last week's pictures: Soldier's Loop Trail, a good ways past the turn off for the Bridge Trail.

Same thing, looking back along the trail.

Mileage: 10.5

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