Friday, January 30, 2009

Bicycle repair bicycle!

Another yesterday post, partially because by the time I got home, it was already yesterday, so I just slept on it.

So, I got news yesterday that TC's bike was sick, so after I took care of the stuff I had planned, I tossed a few tools into the panniers on Bi, and rode over to her office and fixed it. I think I am quickly becoming the "On-Call Wrench" for some of my friends. This past week at work I overhauled the drive train on one of my co-workers bikes, just doing it on my free time at work. I'll add that to the couple of random riders that I've helped fix their bikes along the trail on my after work rides. It doesn't help matters that I'm working on rigging up an attachment for my racks that would allow me to tow a bike if need be. I'm not complaining... I think it's cool, and I enjoy it.

After fixing TC's bike, Exegete and I rode off to our old high school to visit one of our teachers, who upon seeing our bikes took us to meet another teacher who's into bikes as well. They were especially impressed with Batty. Fun stuff!
Mileage: 27

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