Monday, August 4, 2008


I know that most people think of scorching heat when they think of Arizona, but Flagstaff is a little different. This weekend the high temperatures was in the mid-80's, but it always manages to feel much hotter in the sun. Between the extreme heat of hauling my big self up hills and the hot black-top, it felt like nearly 140 degrees on the bicycle.
I also was reminded of how badly I despise tap-water. I normally filter my drinking water through a faucet-based filter, and then through a pitcher-based filter. In preparing for my ride, I realized that I had not refilled the pitcher all the way, and I had to top off my camelback with tap water. About half way through my ride, I hit that water and nearly blew chunks on the side of the road. Stomach churning nastiness in the Flagstaff water system. This may be just me, though, as several of my friends think it is the best water they've ever tasted. Freaks.
Mileage: 18

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