Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh snap!

I've been meaning to sit down and write a blog post for a while now. Since... the end of February, I think? But, one of three things always seemed to happen.

1: I forgot. That's a legitimate excuse, right?

2: Things got busy. Things are still busy, but here I am!

C: Why write about riding bikes when I could go ride bikes? Enough said, I feel?

Thus my dilemma. To blog, or not to blog, that is the... well, it's a question. I suppose I should start keeping the GoPro on the handlebars or on the helmet and start ranting at it, but it takes longer for me to edit the footage than to write a blog post. And like I said, excuse number C.

So, with that said, just what have I been up to? Well, I'll let the pictures tell the story.

The bulk of my time has been learning to build a rocking chair for TC. She's having a baby here real soon, so rocking chair!

The happy recipients!

What better thing to do with scraps from the rocking chair than make blocks for the baby?

We got a bit of snow so Bi got to sport his snow-aero rims again.

From a motorcycle ride, for a change.

Finally built the 29er front wheel for Henry, after having the parts laying about for a few months.

Also went nuts and put a basket on, too.

Belt of Venus rising over Mcmillian Mesa.

I had always wondered how one would go about locking one of these Y frames up. Apparently just a loop or two around the handlebars is good enough...

Boxen building.

Aww, Henry thinks he's motorcycles, now!

Observations on Henry with the bigger front wheel: I like it. Henry actually really feels like Bi, which is good and bad. Good, because I like the way Bi handles. Bad, because it really has me re-thinking Bi's utility,  and even worse, thinking "Do I really need Bi?"

Exegete had a great suggestion, though: Pull the racks and fenders off Bi, and go fixed gear mountain bike.


While I think that over, I've got a comet to go try to see.
Mileage: 7

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