Friday, October 19, 2012

Just felt like sharing....

Some pictures form the last couple weeks of riding.

Loop trail colors.

Same thing, different corner.

Sunset near Fisher Point.

Same sunset, a little further down the trail.

Last Saturday was the last trail day of the year, and the Peaks put on some snow for it.

Bi got the chance to lay the first tracks this time.

End of line.

Speaking of Bi, we met one of Bi's little cousins outside the bank. It's hard to tell, but that's an Outcast 26. Bi's an Outcast 29.
There will be more tomorrow, I'm sure.
Mileage: Nada.

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DH said...

I'm pretty sure that I'm not even remotely close to the posting date on this one. I remember you putting it up like a bajillion years ago and thinking "did i COMMENT ON That one with like 80 pictures in it? I don't think I did? Shit, I can't remember!"

As always, i'm astounded that your legs don't call off and the photos you're taking are lovely. You don't happen to have any mountain images of lakes or streams you've taken, by chance?

Either way, love to keep up with you on your blog. I'm still working on what should be now pegged as "the 4 year scarf," and I actually have been making CS4 .aco swatch sets from some of your pictures. :3 I'll send them you're way, soon.