Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welding helmets, eclipses, and bikes.

There was an Annular Solar Eclipse today. An annular eclipse is where the moon moves in front of the sun, but is not large enough to completely cover it, creating a ring of fire. The coolest thing was that the centerline of the eclipse passed north of us, just to the south of Page. I had planned on going up there to see it, but decided not to.

Instead, I strapped my welding helmet to my backpack, hopped on Surprise, and rode up to Snowbowl to see it.

Click for the big view!
It was worth staying in town to see the closest thing to a total solar eclipse I'll probably see in my life. I really can't describe it any better than that.

I took many more pictures, and I'll post them, once I'm done playing with them, as well as more rides to post about, but later. I just wanted to post a teaser before I went to bed and tried to sleep.
Mileage: 34.5


DH said...

I love how the moon has almost a green tinge to it. That is so lovely, I'm sad I missed it!

also, every time I look at your post mileage I'm like "how does that boy's legs not just pop off? I cant walk up 6 flights of stairs without wanting to end my life!"

Polar bear said...

That's actually the sun, the moon is the black disc covering it. Green because the camera was taking pictures through two welding helmet filters. It really was an experience I'll never forget.

And I worry about leaving a leg behind out on the trail sometimes... that's why I keep a few wraps of duck tape on the frame pump!