Friday, July 1, 2011

And now for something completely the same:

Wherein I ride a bike, work on bikes, and other general bikery.

I managed to rip a soleplate out of one of my shoes the other day, which of course meant a trip to Absolute for new shoes. I also thought about how I use my biking shoes, with cleats that clip into the pedals to keep my clodstompers in place on the pedal. Over a third of the miles I put on them per year are general commuting/errand type miles, where being attached to the pedal isn't very important, and maybe I can extend the life of the shoes and cleats if I start using regular platform pedals, maybe with straps.

The straps didn't work out too well, my feet are too wide for the setup, but I'm pretty sure I can build something myself that will work. However...
I've never ridden in sandals before. What an incredible feeling, especially with how hot it was today.

It is odd to be back on platforms after riding Clipless for so long. I keep instinctively twisting my heel outward as if to disengage my foot from the pedal. At the moment, Henry's the only one with platforms, but Bi will be getting them soon as well, one I figure out some foot retention. (Fixed gear + platforms with no straps = suicide)

However, I did put in some miles today, re-acquainting myself with regular pedals.

After which I came home, intending to do some packing and prep work for the impending move. However, it was decided that I should build a wheel instead. Because building wheels is much more fun than packing and cleaning.

No, I'm not being sarcastic. It really is enjoyable to me.

The manager at Absolute disagrees with me on that point.

I find it relaxing.

He thinks I'm insane.

I think he's right.


The parts: One WTB Dual Duty XC 700c rim, one Surly New Front Hub, 32 Wheelsmith straight gauge spokes and nipples, and some rim plugs.

Fast forward about 3/4's of the way through Tron Legacy:
Bi's new front wheel.

Being able to read the hub label through the valve hole in the rim is a mark of quality.

This was the 8'th rim I've built so far, and it was the fastest and truest build I've done yet. I think I'm getting the hang of this wheelbuilding thing.

Reason for the new wheel is that Bi's current front wheel is in the process of eating it's bearings. It was a cheep wheel to begin with, came with Bi when I bought him, and has more miles on it than any other wheel in the apartment. It's not dead yet, but after ~4 thousand low maintenance miles, it's earned a dignified trip to the dumpster.

Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to build a wheel.

Mileage: 17.1

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DH said...

Nice new shoes! (I wish they made fun, high quality sandals for wee-bitty ladyfeet.) And, yeah, i just sent you an email and I was like "we're at 100'F up here. there's no way in hell PB isn't romping about in at least three digits."

Also: do people ever commission you to make new rim/wheels for their bikes?

Keep it uuuuuup.