Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dogfood, with some A-1, Please.

Fall is slowly marching down the mountain slopes, and I fear this may be one of the last really nice weekends for mountain biking for the year. I made it a point to go out today, and after getting a very late start, I headed out.

I beelined through town to the Schultz Creek trailhead, and set course up Dogfood. I made it to the top, turned around and blasted back down, which was the primary goal for the ride today. I just wanted to ride down Dogfood, something I had yet to do, and it was very fun.

After that, I decided to try to avoid riding through town, and found a route from Highway 180 that took me right by A-1 Mountain and across Observatory Mesa to the Tunnel Springs trail, then home in the dark from there. A little exploration to round out the ride... always nice.

The San Francisco Peaks, from Hidden Hollow.

Mileage: 35.2


DH said...

Have you ever thought of submitting your pictures to sierra club or a local photography show in AZ or anything? seriously? I feel like i've asked you this question before but i dont remember what the answer was. either way, well-fucking-done! I cant take a decent photo to save my fat white ass but every photo i see you take is practically gallery quality.

my envy of said ability is pretty large, atm.

Polar bear said...


I can't say I've ever thought about that. I just see something that looks like it would make a nice picture to share, so I take a picture of it.

I'd want a better camera if I were to start submitting pictures here and there, but there's no way I'm carting a D-SLR around all the time, nor an I afford it.