Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well, that was fun.

75 degrees in the middle of October, blue skies, no wind, I'd be insane not to have gone for a ride today. So I went on the Arizona Trail out to Cosnino with the intention of riding back around the base of Mt. Elden. Along the way, I ran into three Search and Rescue teams looking for an elderly couple. I'd seen a couple at the Fisher Point vista, but I'm not sure if it was them. I found out from the third team that they'd found the lady at Fisher Point, and were still looking for the man.. hopefully they've found him.

I like the tree tunnels.

I wound up playing Hide & seek with TC out at Cosnino, and we rode the next segment of the Arizona Trail to Route 66. Daylight was running short, so we were going to cut it short and take 66 back into town and head our separate ways home. We were standing at the trail, discussing where it went from there.


Uh oh.

Figures. The valve stem tore where it joins the tube. Unpatchable, especially with the slime blown all over the hole. However, given the flat happened at the end of the dirt riding, I was not nonplussed.
Guess the B-52 doesn't like pavement. So I called Exegete for a rescue. Time to add a spare inner tube to my trail kit.
Mileage: 30.6

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DH said...

sorry ive been so non-responsive again. the usual circus of family bullshit. (one day i'll write a memoir of my strange family. only after halfof them are dead and dont mind me making them look like loons.) the pictures are beuaitful and i hope the tube problem wasnt a huge downer. :O